Kelsey Wood taking photos in Reine, Lofoten Islands, Norway

There are moments in our lives that burn memories in our brains. There are places we visit and can’t forget. In my photography, I search for places, at times when our world shows itself, and hope that my photography can preserve a glimpse at these moments in space.

This website is the ongoing collection of my photographs. Ranging from northern lights in the arctic to cyclocross in the muds of the northwest, I seek out places when our world reveals itself, and attempt to capture these moments. I particularly enjoy stitched photography resulting in high resolution panoramic photos.

My name is Kelsey Wood. I am a sound mixer and photographer based in Seattle, WA. Photography is my escape. It drives me to travel to the most remote places, the starkest of landscapes, the heights of the mountains, and the depths of the seas. It also slows me down enough to wait…. and wait…. and wait, for the right moment. This planet has more to offer than anyone can experience in a lifetime. My goal is to transcribe these moments from my life, making them accessible to others. Not only the visual beauty, but also the deep peace and satisfaction that comes from experiencing these moments in space.