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Kendalls Catwalk

I-90, exit 52, turn left and park.

We walked around the trail head in the mostly dark forest just after dusk looking for a spot to pitch a tent. We settled on a spot with a breathtaking view of the parking lot, and it’s coming and going inhabitants. To our other side was the trail, so we could make sure and say hi to all the fuzzy little homo sapiens frequenting the area. I slept through the sunrise, and missed the shot of the rising sun over the parking lot. Oops.
We got up at noon on a quick mozy to get moving which included coffee and oatmeal. The PCT north from Snoqualmie Pass was a smooth reasonable grade up the mountain. The trail is well maintained and wide all of the way to the catwalk. The widest point on the trail is the catwalk itself, which degrades some of it’s mystique, but makes for easy passing.

Lunch on top of the catwalk was a great idea. The view was spectacular.

New Photo Galleries

I’ve recently put up a gallery of just my panoramas. You can check them out here.
I’ve also put up a new portfolio from South Africa and Nepal here.
And, there’s a new section to the web page called Sound with my audio and video portfolios.

Segway Safety

I saw a guy today, riding a segway on the sidewalk. He was going half of the speed that I was walking. He was wearing a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, boots, and I’m not sure what other saftey devices. Really homey? all that, and your not even breaking 2 miles an hour?

So what’s the deal? Are Segways really a magical balancing machine? Or just another contraption waiting for you to fall off of?

“The personal transporter can unexpectedly apply reverse torque to the wheels, which can cause a rider to fall.”

Hence why they’ve been recalled:

“The machine’s creator, Dean Kamen, wants to see US Special Forces troops eventually ride Segways into battle.”
– From BBC news

Special forces on segways? with a 12.5mph max speed, a strong requirement for smooth pavement, they don’t quite seem versatile enough to me. Not to mention that just about every army in the world has already dismantled their bicycle units, which are a hell of a lot more practical than a segway squandron, sorry Dean, I highly doubt if we will see your precious segway in the army any time soon.

I’ve seen parking attendants on segways. Bicycling still seems more practical. Or walking.

“The Segway PT can take you places that a car or bicycle can’t – including inside many stores, office buildings, businesses, airports, elevators, and trains.”

In our society of over regulation, with laws and rules against everything, why the hell would an office building who harasses messengers for delivering documents to their tenants, and implements ineffective security measures to slow down and impede the entrance to the building, allow a segway in their lobby? They don’t allow bicycles, roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, or any other wheeled transport export wheel chairs. Somehow I doubt they’ll be too happy about segways in their lobbys.

“In New South Wales, Australia, the Segway has been confirmed by the Roads and Traffic Authority as being illegal on both roads and footpaths.”

Business lobbies are ok though.

“It is unlawful to use a Segway on any public road or pavement in Sweden.”
“In the UK it is unlawful to use a Segway anywhere other than on private property and only with the owners permission.”
“In Denmark the Segway is classified as a moped, requiring it to be fitted with lights, license plates and mechanical brakes, effectively banning it from public roads.”
“In Japan, the Segway is treated as a motorcycle with an engine displacement between 50 cc and 125 cc. As such, the vehicle must be equipped with brakes and signal lights, and must register for a license plate, making it virtually impossible to lawfully use Segway on public roads”
“the city of San Francisco banned the Segway PT from sidewalks citing safety concerns”
“In February 2004, Disney banned Segway PTs from its theme parks, stating they had not been approved by the FDA as medical devices.[26] In the same month[27], Disney began offering Segway tours of its Epcot theme park.”
WTF Disney?

“The Segway PT can take you places that a car or bicycle can’t”

Where, jail? Or just a face plant into the cement like George Bush? That’s right, the idiot proof self balancing segway is still too difficult for our dear and beloved shell of a president.

and for a moment of zen, 3 german cops on segways:

photo by: Urban Mobility GmbH courtesy of Wikimedia

Cape 2 Kosi

The first school I worked with in South Africa was named John Wesley Kosi Bay. The administrator of that school that I got connected with is Alan Stuart. A cheerful man, very dedicated to his work. Recently he has decided to take on a magnificent trip. One I wish I could do as well. Who knows, some day maybe I will. Alan’s going to do it first, and it looks to be amazing. He and a friend are hiking from Cape Point to Kosi Bay. If you don’t know where that is, Kosi Bay is close to the Mozambique border in north eastern KZN South Africa. Cape Point is in Cape Town.

In the process of doing this hike, they are hoping to raise money for the PHAKAMISA ministry, which exists to serve and uplift impoverished communities through the provision of educational training, resourcing and support. You can follow their travels on their site:


For a sneak preview, Cape Point looks something like:

and Kosi Bay looks something like: