New online photo store

I have recently posted some of my currently hanging photographs for sale on is an online market place for all things hand made.

These photos are mounted with black matte behind glass using full archival materials. Check them out, they’d make a great holiday gift!!

Single Speed Cyclo Cross World Championships


Saturday morning. Wake and bake for a dry ride to NW Portland. 3/4 of the way… rain. By the time we show up at Chris King, we are soaked from head to toe. As expected, registration was a smooth and orderly ordeal with everyone falling in a straight single file line quietly without any comotion. Everyone behaved themselves.

For the qualifiers, we take a group ride into Forest Park, and congregate inconspicuously on the fire road awaiting our start time. Most people warm up with energy drinks like Rainier and Pabst.

The time trial is an up hill start, which continues up the fire road, past a no bicycles sign, to the turn into a muddy, single track, switch back, hiking trail descent. Even the best riders ended up sliding off the trail, or wiping out of the flat mud covered rocks and roots. With the morning rains, there was plenty of mud to go around.

The top 101 times continue on to the final race. But don’t worry, if you didn’t make it, you have a last chance alley cat that ends at Vanilla Cycles for the after/pre party. Everyone who raced the alley cat, qualified for the final race. The last man standing after the pub crawl also qualified. He had to show up early in the morning to register though, hehe.

Sunday, Portland International Raceway. The Cross Crusade series is going on all day, and with the good weather, that means over a thousand riders will rip up and destroy the course before we get to touch it. They made a special qualifier for Ryan Trebone to be able to race in the ssxcwc race, which was that he had to race and win the series single speed and the series A race. That’s 3 races back to back. Ouch.

The Hot Crossed Buns are dressed and ready to race.

All 130 something racers line up, side by side in a big grass field for a sprint to a hole shot. The pack takes off into the largest cluster fuck of a start I’ve ever seen, that ended up in most racers walking the first 1/5 of the first lap. The hole shot took you over a barier and straight into the wall of foam which was spuing down on you from overhead. Close your eyes, and hope no one’s in front of you. Out of the foam, down a small drop and into the muddy up hill barriers. At the top of the hill is a spinning mini golf style wind mill which you must dodge, another barrier, and into some off camber muddy descents, turns, and climbs. Back across the finish line into a full 1/4 of the lap of solid mud, including a mud pond.

By the end of the race, I was covered head to toe in mud, I couldn’t see the color of my bike, just mud. I finished 59th out of 138. Craig finished 2nd.

When I left Seattle, I had barely found a ride down to Portland with a couple of guys on craigslist. The whole weekend, I had no idea how I was getting back to Seattle, but I figured it would work itself out. After the race ended, I found a ride for me, and a seperate ride for my bike back to Seattle. And who says you gotta plan shit?

Yes, that is a pony he is riding!

Hanging photos at Snoosh Junction – Seattle

I’ve made some prints from South Africa recently, and they came out amazing. I will be hanging them at Snoose Junction for the month of November, then to be determined after that.
Snoose Junction is an independent eco friendly pizzaria in downtown ballard. They are located at:
2305 NW Market St
If your in the neighborhood, stop by and check them out.

Bike Porn – 08 Voodoo Wazoo – Single Speed Cyclocross Monster

I completed the last of the work to get my new single speed disk cyclocross bike finished and ready to race. Here’s the component list:

Voodoo Wazoo 58cm frame w/ Evo carbon fork
Chris King Headset
Salsa stem, short and shallow drop bars
Shimano levers
Cane Creek inline levers
Selle Flight saddle
Thomson seat post
Ultegra cranks
42t salsa chain ring
19t ACS freewheel
Whiperman chain
Avid BB7 disk brakes
Paul hubs
DT Revolution spokes
Mavic Open Pro rims
Panaracer Cross Blaster tires

This was the first set of wheels I’ve ever built, and they ride like a dream. Check out the finished bike:

The great spirit Zaupah
The great spirit Zaupah
The great spirit Zaupah
The great spirit Zaupah
The great spirit Zaupah
The great spirit Zaupah
The great spirit Zaupah
The great spirit Zaupah
The great spirit Zaupah
The great spirit Zaupah
The great spirit Zaupah


The Grand Spirit Zaupah.

Single Speed Xer’s watch the fuck out!