It’s in the PI has been invited to SIFF!!

We made the official selection! This is amazing news. We all new the short documentary was good, this just reaffirms the fact that it’s great!. From the invitation letter:

“I’d like to invite Bradley Hutchinson’s IT’S IN THE P-I to be screened as an official selection of the 35th Seattle International Film Festival (May 21-June 11) to be shown during the Short Film Weekend (May 29-31, 2009). All of the shorts will be screened at the new state-of-the-art SIFF Cinema where all formats are brilliantly projected. SIFF is also a recognized Oscar™ nominating Festival.

The Seattle International Film Festival is the largest and most well-attended film festival in the United States with 150,000 attendees expected in 2009. SIFF screens a wide selection of the best new international features and documentaries over the 25-day festival, presenting more than 400 films from over 50 countries. With extensive local, national and international media coverage, the Festival has emerged as one of the country’s most accessible and highly publicized film events.

We would be honored to present your film in Seattle and look forward to receiving your confirmation of its availability. Of course, if you have questions or require additional information please contact me.”

For other similar projects by some of the same people, check out the Last Quest blog here:

Protection of Freedom, or Capitalist Law?

Today, a Swedish judge sentenced 4 men to a year in jail, and fined them a collective 3.6 million dollars for operating a website which allowed users to share files amongst themselves. The money will be owed to a handle full of major entertainment companies for aiding in the copyright infringement of 33 specific movie and music properties.

Of the people, For the people
I’m not so sure.

Lawsuits like this, are based solely on the basis that large corporations are scared they might not maximize their profits, and driven by that fear, target whomever they are allowed by law to target. This makes for a dangerous scenario, one which has proven over and over again, to value greed over human rights. I’m not saying free distribution of intellectual property is a human right, but ruling in favor of the corporations against the operators of a primary infrastructure of data communications technology is clearly putting corporate wealth ahead of human wealth.

The Pirate Bay operators never engaged in copyright infringement. No copyrighted materials were hosted by the Pirate Bay, and no censorship of the users were imposed upon the users, allowing the users to utilize their infrastructure for their own desires. I strongly disagree stating that the Pirate Bay operators were at fault for the users of their infrastructure using it to distribute copyrighted materials. If it were the responsibility of the Pirate Bay operators to monitor and censor the files shared on their network, it would defeat the point of a peer to peer file sharing system. It also wouldn’t be ethical. Censorship is a tool for the powerful to invoke their power on the less powerful. By these same exact arguments, the media companies could sue ISP’s for supplying the infrastructure that allows users to distribute copyrighted material. You could also sue GM for making a vehicle that empowered drivers to cause accidents which have killed over 42,000 people a year. Or you could sue McDonald for you idiocy claiming that their at fault for their hot coffee burning you when you accidentally spilled it on yourself.

Of course we know these are ludicrous proposition, but here we are, with a legal system that is well beyond reason, as is seeming more and more to be geared towards Capitalism, and not humanism.

It’s time to revise our idea around copyrights. Although that’s another post.

New training ride

I’ve started riding a new loop in the evenings. I find it to be a pleasant ride throughout, and a great in city training ride for fixed.
The gist:
Beacon Hill – Follow the ridge all the way
Rainier Beach – Start Heading north
Lake WA Blvd – Follow
Madison Park – Just a little extra loop
Arboretum to Montlake

View the map here

Portland for a movie?

That’s right, last wednesday we drove to portland and back in the same day to watch a movie. Not just any movie, but a collection of short documentaries produced for the international doc challenge 2009.
I was part of a team who made a short named “It’s in the PI”, a short doc about the closing of the PI in seattle. The response to the film was tremendous. The show was sold out, and watching our short on the big screen was really great.
All in all, it was 6 1/2 hours in the car, for 3 hours in PDX. Well worth it.

A Manic Engineer’s Day

1234. 1
Spin rotate thread thread.

cannot read from cd-rom
error mounting .iso

USB stick swap
back and forth back and forth
rsync cp copy?

spin rotate
1234. 1
turn grab place
spin rotate thread thread
every other hole

Taking shape
One step closer
Both progress
with flawed beginnings
hold power
10 seconds

Flip reverse
align again
copy pattern
Over over under
Over over under
Over over under
Valve hole between crossings
Bury the threads

the spokes are laced
the partition scheme changed
not done by far
but done all that’s hard
12 hours past
my bags are packed
I retire home
a drone

This poem is a reflection on two aspects of my day today… Building a wheel, and installing Linux. My thoughts for the day consisted mostly of spoke tension, usb devices, lacing patterns, copying, troubleshooting, and calculating. Really mostly trying to figure out why I couldn’t get the ubuntu installer to install off of a usb stick. Turns out I was using the wrong initrd.gz and vmlinuz versions. Hmm… who woulda guessed?

Pluto is too a planet!!

Declared so by the state of Illinois, every March 13th, for the entire day. So there science, the law says Pluto is a planet, so Pluto is a planet right? I mean it’s law, I have to respect it to the “t” don’t I?

“Still, Brown calls the Illinois resolution “very silly,” noting that such legislation can be dangerous to public understanding of science.”

You know what’s dangerous to the public understanding of science?

Science telling us our whole lives that Pluto is a planet, then one day, in a broad and thorough marketing campaign, declared Pluto is no longer a planet. And you complain about politicians flip flopping?

‘”Go, Illinois!” said planetary scientist Alan Stern, principle investigator for NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto. ‘

I say … “Go Pluto”


For all of you who live in Illinois, that does mean that one day a year it is illegal to believe science. So March 13th, make sure you don’t believe what science is telling you, otherwise, unknowingly, you may break the law by stating that Pluto is indeed… uh … what ever the hell it’s classified as these days?! (technically a dwarf planet btw) forgetting that it’s a planet today. Just today only.

So what are you going to do on March 13th? Take the lame road out and avoid all conversation that has to do with Pluto? Break the law while pointing out the dynamic nature of scientific thought?
I’m going to rejoice the fact that Pluto is a planet, as it rightfully should be, as I contradict myself by blindly believing that Pluto is a planet with no reason to care at all. And I’m going to have fun doing it.

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Asynchronous Internet

Wizzy has made it into the news recently. SciDev did an article recently called “Rural Internet — not online but still connected”. It’s an excellent article, well written, and is realistic in the challenges of providing internet access to rural populations.
Dave Wood, a software engineer for Wizzy Digital was interviewed, and one of my photos was used in Wizzy’s section this feature article.

Read the article here:

Raleigh Rainier

"Some people would call it a bike, I call it art"

Raleigh Rainier

After much hemming and hawing over the little details, I collected the montage of parts that now make up my Raleigh Rainier fixed gear cyclocross bike. Since cross season just ended, I’ve built it for the streets. These bikes are designed to be single speed only cyclocross bikes, but I won a set of gold wheels at the Polka Dot Rocker 2 years ago that are built on fixed only Miche hubs. The wheels are handbuilt by Mobius cycles, using DT Revolution spokes, red annodized alloy nipples, gold Velocity Deep-V rims, and came with red/black striped Michellin Lithion tires.

Raleigh Rainier

I chose a Phil Wood 16t Cog and an Izumi NJS track chain.

Raleigh Rainier

I scored a deal on these Campy Record cranks. They have a 135 BCD which made my chain ring options limited. In order to get a good chainline, I needed a chainring that would clear the chain stay while on the inside of the crank spider. The salsa 42 tooth I used was the largest I could get.

Raleigh Rainier

Soma Hellyer pedals, with the Soma Quad cages and Double Leather straps looked better than any other pedal out.

Raleigh Rainier

Thomson seat post, Salsa Lip Lock seat post clamp, and a Selle Italia SLR gel flow saddle.

Raleigh Rainier

Integrated FSA headset comes with the frame and fork. The stem is custom made for Counterbalance Bicycles (CBB) by David Wilson Industries (DWI). Nitto B117 bars, vintage Dura-Ace brake levers, and Fizik bar tape.

Raleigh Rainier

White KORE cantilever brakes, on the white Easton EC90X carbon fork.

Raleigh Rainier

The rest of the photos can be found in the full gallery here.

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Seattle Snowscapes

It’s snowing in Seattle. This happens every couple of years, and it’s always fun. On saturday night, I took my first ride in the snow in 2 years. I was out making my rounds, chillin at a party on the side of Phiney Ridge, when I noticed the snow that has been falling all evening is finally starting to stick to the ground, I decide it’s time to head for home.
Sunday morning, I wake up and walk out into the middle of the street. It’s a single sheet of ice as far as I can see. It’s gonna be a long ride to work. I crawl most of the length of capitol hill before getting fed. I can walk at the same speed I’m riding, and I don’t have to worry about cars sliding into me. I reach 23rd, and the roads dry, so I ride the rest of the way into work. The ice has been coming and going ever since.
Some of the most impressive lightning I’ve ever seen hit Seattle hit last night. Along with over 6 inches of snow. I tried to ride to work this morning, but the fresh powder was just covering the sheet of ice underneath. I ended up walking half of it.
I think in part because Seattle gets so little snow, that the city has an exveptional beauty to it when covered in snow. See what I mean.

btw these photos were taken at 2 in the morning saturday night on captiol hill.