and Away we go

Well it’s done. OK, not really done, but ready. What? My new website of course. I’ve slaved away my life learning PHP, and what did I come up with? Why rewrite a shit ton of code from scratch, when some one else, who knows it a lot better, has already written it, and is giving it away for free. What do I mean? I mean I cheated. Ok, it’s not cheating, it’s open source. The two largest and most dynamic parts of my website, which were becoming to large for me to manage on the archaic javascript based system I had, are my photo galleries and my blog. I set out with the intention of writing a full photo gallery and blog software for my web site, and realized quickly how much work it is. So I gave in and adapted two open source projects into my site.

Word Press
Zen Photo

Word press was fairly easy to create a theme that worked for me, Zen Photo was a little more difficult. In this process I learned exactly how much I know about web design, and of course along with that, how much I don’t know.

One downfall of my upgrade, is that any current bookmarks to pages on my site will soon become invalid. Sorry, but that’s the way it’s going to be. It’s also going to take me a while to re create all of my photo galleries, so the galleries section will be small for the time being, and will grow steadily until I have all of the photos back up. My old blogs will still be accessable in their same locations, i.e.
South Africa

I have not completed my cross browser compatability checks, and even though I’d like to say I’m thourough, I’m excited to get this release out, and am expecting to run across a couple of bugs. So, if you find any, please email me including your OS and Browser type and version, i.e. Win XP, IE6 or OS 10.4.11 Firefox 2. I will be doing testing and fixes over the next several weeks anyway, so expect some small changes.
I hope you all enjoy my new site as much as I am.