Seattle Snowscapes

It’s snowing in Seattle. This happens every couple of years, and it’s always fun. On saturday night, I took my first ride in the snow in 2 years. I was out making my rounds, chillin at a party on the side of Phiney Ridge, when I noticed the snow that has been falling all evening is finally starting to stick to the ground, I decide it’s time to head for home.
Sunday morning, I wake up and walk out into the middle of the street. It’s a single sheet of ice as far as I can see. It’s gonna be a long ride to work. I crawl most of the length of capitol hill before getting fed. I can walk at the same speed I’m riding, and I don’t have to worry about cars sliding into me. I reach 23rd, and the roads dry, so I ride the rest of the way into work. The ice has been coming and going ever since.
Some of the most impressive lightning I’ve ever seen hit Seattle hit last night. Along with over 6 inches of snow. I tried to ride to work this morning, but the fresh powder was just covering the sheet of ice underneath. I ended up walking half of it.
I think in part because Seattle gets so little snow, that the city has an exveptional beauty to it when covered in snow. See what I mean.

btw these photos were taken at 2 in the morning saturday night on captiol hill.